Drinking: Barth Riseling Extra Brut

How I Got It: For Christmas, Kyle got me a 6 month subscription to a Champagne club that delivers two bottles of fantabulous champagne every other month.  I have loved every single bottle thus far.  My last shipment arrived today (sigh) and it is just as wonderful as the others. 
Where It's From/What It Is: This particular sparkling deliciousness is from Germany (Deutscher Sekt) and is imported by "Truly Fine Wine, Inc." in San Diego, CA. 
Thoughts: Kyle informed me earlier this evening that "extra brut" is the driest of the dries when it comes to champagne, and after tasting this bubbly creation, I'm inclined to agree. Since my attempt at reading Anna Karenina last fall (Side Note: Failed.  I made it roughly 1/5 of the way through the book. I am determined to read it all at some point, and I flat out refuse to see the movie until I do. There is just so. Much. Farming....) I have found that I truly adore champagne and sparkling wines, so long as they're on the drier spectrum, hence Kyle's decision to get me such a fabulous Christmas gift. It was the gift that keeps on giving! (Until the end of April, but that's irrelevant. Irrelephant. Ha. That always makes me smile.) This particular champagne has quickly become a Top 10 and I am deeply depressed that I do not have an infinite supply.
Champagne Rating: 9/10
General Drink Rating: 8.5/10


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