Watching: Elementary, the American Sherlock Holmes. 
Thoughts: Kyle and I watch this every week, and while it's not one of those shows whose schedule we actually know (I think it's on Thursdays? Maybe? Thank God for DVR), it is something we always watch first when our DVR list is long.  Lucy Liu is lovely, the guy who plays Sherlock is wonderfully British, and it combines humor and crime solving in an almost perfect equation.  It's like watching some combo of SVU and Psych, some sort of happy medium.  Both are shows I adore, and this one is no different. 
This week's episode delivered the normal amount of satisfying crime solving while also advancing the plot of our main characters. Sherlock has been sober for a year and is reluctant to get his sobriety chip.  My favorite sentimental moment comes when his sponsor Alfredo points out that receiving the chip is not just about him--it's about everyone else, about helping those around you.  When they see you receiving the award for sticking to their sobriety and making it through the ups and downs, it makes them realize they can do it, too. I thought it was very sweet, and it was something I'd never thought about before.  I appreciate when anything, be it a TV show, a movie, a book, a conversation or even just a poster or a sign, makes me think of something differently, or makes me look at situations in a new light. 
If you're not watching Elementary yet, I suggest you start.  But probably from the beginning.  It'll be more satisfying that way. 
Show Rating: 8/10
Episode Rating: 4/5

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